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This site has been created by the moderators and members of the Lincoln Cent Forum.


Will Brooks

Will Brooks is a Lincoln cent enthusiast with a special interest in design changes, master hub/die anomalies, and counterfeit detection. He is a moderator at the Lincoln Cent Forum and is also the author of the Lincoln Cent Forum Glossary and Acronym/Abbreviation list. His long-term collecting goal is to complete his 1 cent issue-variety set starting from 1793.

Will is a water-treatment specialist currently working primarily in the Amish dairy industry.  He is a member of Intertel and Mensa, and tutors all levels of mathematics and test-taking.  He enjoys the frisbee, poetry, and bicycling.

John H. Miller Jr.
Coin Collector

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John, a native Floridian, started collecting coins in 1982. Some of his interests include studying United States coins and examining die varieties. John has also authored a CD-ROM on Wrong Design Dies and is a winning coin exhibitor.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife Peggy and son Alex, taking nature photographs, and reading coin books. Since 2005 he has enjoyed helping the children at his wife’s school to learn about coin collecting.