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09-12-2012, 03:23 AM
Here's a short list of some of the varieties we've recently cherried. Happy to give quantity discounts for multiple purchases.

1944-D/D RPM #2 FS-502 VF/XF with flip insert attributed by Bob Piazza- $6
1951-D/S OMM #1 FS-511 VF- $12
1956-D/D RPM #1 FS-501 XF- $8
1956-D/D RPM #8 FS-508 Completely separate D to the South XF with some small rim digs- $16

1926 DDO #1 Doubled Eyelid coin grades VG/F with small scratch $6
1936 Pegleg R from Broken R Hub XF/AU $3
1942 1DO-005 Class IV Doubled Eyelid VF $9
1944-D 1DO-001 Class VI This is a neat coin and a very strong Class VI (extra thickness) Coin grades XF- $12

Small Dealer Lot of 5 1944-D 1DO-001 Class VI Cents grading F/VF to XF all 5 for $19

GROUP OF 5 Class VI Doubled dies- this would be an easy way to begin a Class VI Collection. I've noticed an increase in interest and demand for this die class, it's a really fun one once you learn a little about it and SO easy to spot the major examples. This grouping includes the following coins:
1941 1DO-007, 4-O-VI in XF45,
1944 1DO-005 Class III, IV & VI in VF35
1944-D 1DO-001 in XF
1945 1DO-007 (light scratch on Lincoln's forehead) XF+
1946 1DO-005 Class II & VI AU RB
Collection of all 5 coins is $39

3 coins- 1970-D 10c. These were attributed over 20 years ago by Cherrypicker's Guide Co-Author, JT Stanton. 3 1970-D Doubled Die Reverse Dimes attributed on their 2x2s as JTS #1, JTS #2 and 3-R-II (CONECA). This is a unique collection. I believe the first 2 are the same dies as are now listed in the CPG as FS-801 and FS-802, the third I've never seen before. Each coin is choice to gem BU, likely all having come out of mint sets. Sold as a set of 3, offered at $50.

1938-D/D RPM #2- very similar to RPM # 1 and #3. This coin is EDS, as later die states are paired with a major Class VI DDR (See below). I have multiples of this coin available from a group cherried out of an Original Roll. Bright Red and fresh.
MS64 RD- $32

1938-D/D RPM #3 Coin grades XF+/AU $7

1938-D/D RPM #2 TWO COINS- EDS and LDS, With and Without the DDR die pairing:
Coin #1, earlier die state with RPM only grades Choice XF with some luster
Coin #2 with Class VI DDR Pairing grades MS63/64 BN with lots of Red highlights on the reverse, a very strong DDR!
Set of 2 coins is $22, or upgrade the EDS RPM only to an MS64 Red, making the 2 coins both mint state for an additional $23 ($45 for both coins in MS)

Dealer Lot of 8 1944-D RPMs- Various minor RPMs with some duplication. Coins average VF to XF. I'm including an RPM #2, FS-502 in this group- $24 for all 8 coins.

Postage on any amount of coins is $2.95 and includes delivery confirmation, shipped by first class USPS mail.

Please PM me or email at cwelchuscoins@yahoo.com (also my paypal address).

Thank you for your interest.