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    1968 D cent with very thick IN GOD WE TRUST and a "wavy" Lincoln Mem. on Rev.

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    Date: 1968

    I'm not sure how to describe this one but i saw the IN GOD WE TRUST and thought nothing of it until i flipped the coin over. I don't think I've seen one like this before, any help is always appreciated!!
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    The thing with 1968 cents is that the master was worn out.
    Think of the master like a hammer, every time they use it it wants to grow outward like a mushroom.
    The motto slowly shifted until its sort of joined with the rim.
    The details were bold and bloby with no detail in the hair.
    That reverse on that coin was also pretty bad, it's not wavy like a wavy step but it's mushy.
    In some ways the 68 cents look like the later wheat cents at a glance.

    Then they fixed it for 1969, new master with a less bold/relief, more detail like the hair, finer details like the lettering and more like the early wheat cents with more detail in the hair.

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    I'm with ED on the worn out masters... You also have some strong circ wear across IGWT... Almost looks like the beginning of a dryer coin This is from out Glossary

    Dryer Coin: A coin that has been extremely damaged outside of the mint by being repeatedly hit, similar to what would happen to it if it tumbled around in a dryer or similar device. In an actual dryer, the heat would soften the metal increasing the damage.
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