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    The Death of Lincoln

    Hello everyone! I do miss you all! I have been so busy this last year, unfortunately with unfortunate deaths in the family, we thought 2017 was tough, but cancer seems to still be taking too many loved ones. I have found myself not spending anytime doing the things I'm really passionate about. (like searching through coins, digging for crystals or hiking) However I am not posting to sulk and don't want to bum anyone out lol so........ How about the death of Lincoln... LOL jk sort of. (dark humor)
    My sister and I have been sorting though to donate and distribute our Grandparents belonging and found an old suitcase full of old newspapers (and some coins, but nothing special except for one gold coin). This paper I am sharing is announcing the assassination of our favorite president. Here are some pictures.
    Some of the things that I have kept for myself are old books and relics (First editions, and my favorite The Poetical Works of Lord Byron and a Tang Horse ) It felt like we were in an old Indiana Jones movie going through some of the stuff. If you care to see pictures of those let me know and I will post below.
    I hope you all are well, and I will be reading through the forum in an attempt to catch up ;)

    What's the Motto you?! Eh!

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    We have missed you too Karah and so sorry to hear about the loss of your loved ones. Time heals our hearts but we never forget. Your grandparents collected such an amazing amount of history and I'm sure you and your sister have had fun looking through and reading all of this! How interesting to see the original news article from when President Lincoln was assassinated, thank you for showing us! If you have time, I would love to see the Tang Horse, what a unique collector's item! I think you must have gotten your love for digging for crystals and searching through coins from your grandparents! Thank you for letting us know how you are doing!

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    Sorry for your recent losses, it is never easy to go through that. The newspaper is in fantastic condition and is an unbelievable piece of history.



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