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Oh...I know. I just wasn't sure if proof coins lost their luster the same way as the business strike coins. But I must say, this coin stuff is pretty confusing so far. e.g. All the coin roll hunting videos I have watched, all they say is "Wheat..wheat...wheat..gotta have wheat!" But then I learn there are only a few wheat that are actually worth anything, unless it's in mint state. Then all I hear is "Proof...proof..proof..gotta have proof!" Then I am told proof coins really are not worth much at all. So which one is it PEOPLE!?!? Haha JK I am pretty quick learner though..so I am sure I will get the hang of it soon.
I know the feeling... Just take your time... Every one learns at a different rate... Some pick it up quick while others (a.k.a. Me ) learn at the speed of snail... There is a lot of info out and it will take a bit to absorb it... We have a Glossary here to help (link on tab at top of page) and there are numerous other sites available... Here are a couple -




That should get you warmed up a bit