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    Wheat Cent RDV-001 through RDV-004 discussion...hopefully.

    Hey guys! Let me start this by saying this is simply a hypothesis at the moment. I haven't had a chance to study my 1909 DDR again to see what I can find. Let me also say this is not my hypothesis alone, but I did think of it all on my own in the shower last night. I had no idea Brian Raines had also thought of it too about a week ago.

    If you will recall, I mentioned the anomaly inside the A & R of AMERICA on the 1909 DDR I posted a while back. See this thread: http://www.lincolncentforum.com/foru...007)-Ebay-pick
    The whole time I have been wondering if these anomalies could have been some unmentioned Class 4 doubling, similar to the doubled eyes, '84 doubled ear, or like this 1942: http://varietyvista.com/01a%20LC%20D...942PDDR006.htm, but the die or hub would have had to have been tilted a little from perpendicular for only the letters in AMERICA to exhibit this doubling.

    Well a couple days ago my wife happened upon Coppercoins Facebook page. I don't do Facebook so she was telling me Chuck had put up some images of different reverse varieties for 1909. The RDV-001 through 004. I told her I would get her to pull it back up for me sometime. Variety Vista has a link and for some reason I have never put it together. http://varietyvista.com/01a%20LC%20D...0Varieties.htm. I had no idea two different reverses were used for each design, no VDB & VDB. She said there were some different characteristics to the lettering in USA and such (sharper lettering as opposed to more rounded).

    Well I completely forgot about it until in the shower last night when it hit me. "I wonder if some of those 1909 DDRs could be RDV-003 over RDV-004, or vice versa?", I thought. When I got out I got her to pull up Chuck's presentation. I looked through the comments and sure enough, Brian Raines asked the same question. If it is possible, that would make it a Class 3 DDR.

    I hope to have some time soon to study this a bit. Do you think it's possible or am I loony? I would love to hear some of your thoughts or ideas in the meantime. If I did Facebook I would love to get Chuck's thoughts too, but I just can't bring myself to create a profile, rofl!

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    That is interesting... I took a closer look at VVs 002 http://varietyvista.com/01a%20LC%20D...909PDDR002.htm and noticed that in Stage A the anomaly in the R of AMERICA appears weaker than in Stage B... Also VVs 002 is a RDV-003 as is yours... I think it would take some more looking at different stages but you may be on to some thing???
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