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    Whitman Expo Baltimore MD 22 - 24 June 18

    So on Saturday I took my 11 yo son to the Whitman Coin Show at the Baltimore Convention Center. While the show was well organized, it seemed a bit thin on the second day. Perhaps because the most serious collectors and sellers did the majority of the business on Friday.

    There was a bit of everything there for people to choose from. Specialists in gold, ancient coins, silver stackers, currency and notes, antiques, comics and other print, and jewelry and watches. My son and I were there for the pennies and world coins. We found one guy selling both and plopped our butts down to take a look. After about an hour I walked away with:

    1939 MS 64 R
    1843 MS 64
    1956 PF 67 R
    1957 PF 67+ R
    1958 PF 65 R

    My son got a Yugoslavian coin and some Korean coianage. The next stop netted him a 1943 D XF and a 1981 S Type II MS 60. I picked up a beautiful 1981 S Type II CAM. This coin is beautifully toned where another coin was sitting on top of it. I have a hard time assigning a grade because it has a hot spot on his neck where the coins were touching. When I saw this I knew I had to have it regardless of the hotspot. I'll take it out later to post a picture.

    So we walked the tables until I found a local guy. A lot of beautiful slabbed coins. But where I needed to be is was the raw coin section. I got the following:

    1909 VG B
    1909 V.D.B MS 60 B (while technically brown, the luster makes it look like copper antiseize)
    1912 VF B
    1913 D VG B
    1915 D F B
    1917 S VG B
    1919 D VG B
    1926 XF B
    1945 B.U. R
    1982 S PF CAM MS 62 R
    Blank planchet for my son
    3 rolls 2018 D

    So all in all it was bouth fun, educating, and eventfull. From what I could tell they hold a show there a few times a year. Looking forward to the next one

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    Sounds like you two were in coin heaven.
    Great experience for the two of you to do together.

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    Very cool trip with your son!! Sounds like a lot of great finds and I feel your pain on the toned coins, there are some that are hard to walk away from.

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    You have the fever That is some nice pickin'!!!
    (A.K.A. Elmer Fudd) Be verwy verwy quiet... I'm hunting coins!!! Good Hunting!!!

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    Congrats on picking some real nice coins! So cool you and your son both have interest in this hobby! Thank you for the info!



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