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Thread: Small mouth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roller View Post
    Yes, the lake is mostly rock structured. It is man made. They flooded the whole area in the 30s for a hydro electric project.
    Nice structure for small mouth.
    Those small mouth can be very territorial. While swimming in a stream in CT. one time, a youngster in our party kept complaining of some thing in the water biting him. We thought he was joking because we couldn't see anything in the swirl of the river. Unbelievably about this time a fisherman's hand net came floating downstream! We grabbed it and were able to tease a momma to the surface by slowly touching a finger tip to the waters surface. She was a small mouth guarding her nest and we netted her. We let her go of course and relocated our swimming but we were able to satisfy our curiosity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by makecents View Post
    Heh, heh. When I don't have my work truck, I am totally out of my comfort zone. I forget many people don't keep some of the simplest tools around. I even have a small set of basic tools in the wife's car. Very nice smallmouth though, I did a lot of river fishing in my early years and that was primarily what I fished for. They are a great sport fish! Yup, hafta upgrade the party barge.
    I understand about the tools. There was a time when I had a whole kit on my boat and in my car/truck when traveling. Now I no longer have a boat and lease a new car every three years. I keep no tools at all in the car. Of course, there's little you could do with tools to fix a mechanical problem with a vehicle these days not having an analyzer and replacement parts (like whole components) handy. I don't think todays kids know what points are/is; maybe they would still recognize a spark plug. But probably not. Ah, PROGRESS. You've got to love it. All that aside, if you're going to fish or hunt you have to be equipped.

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    Excellent catch... That small mouth is bigger than the large mouth I've caught Wish I could still hunt and fish... I loved it... I got more deer with a bow and arrow than I ever did with a rifle!!!
    (A.K.A. Elmer Fudd) Be verwy verwy quiet... I'm hunting coins!!! Good Hunting!!!

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