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I agree on the CC 001 http://www.coppercoins.com/lincoln/d...&die_state=lds and Wexler 005 http://doubleddie.com/828844.html being the same with Wexlers being an earlier die stage... There are numerous die abrasions between the NE of ONE and around the NT of CENT that match up... The abrasions on CCs are much lighter do to die wear and more abrasions... As foryour coin it is not CCs 001 or Wexlers 005... Notice the separation line on the R of AMERICAs angled leg... CC and Wexlers is toward the outside of the leg and on your coin the possible separation line is toward the inside... The tip of your R does not show the split that is still visible on CCs LDS sample... Yours may be a DDR or a trick of the light??? I will need to look a little deeper into your images... I need a shirt with the letters QAE (Over Anal Eyeser) on the front and a cent on the back
Thanks for looking Jim. Sometimes the lighting gets me and this may be one of those times. That would be al cool shirt!!