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    Quote Originally Posted by emodx View Post
    Whoever the machinist is that did this is really good.
    Probably a kid in a shop class, the pits might be from whatever they clamped it with to file the edge.
    Sometimes you see a really clear pattern of clamp marks but on this one they probably rotated the coin a few times as they filed so it made a more random pattern of marks. Acid cents also could be used as dimes if they get the right size but I think this one came from the shop class not the chemistry class LOL

    Not sure why the rev has no marks, maybe they clamped several together and made a few at a time or even clamped a dime with it and filed until the size matched.
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    Actually, these weren't too hard to make. Kids would sit on the sidewalk and scrape them on cement. Scrape and turn, scrape and turn until it was the right size!

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    Also due to the circ wear any file/sanding marks are probably long gone!!!
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