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I always try to make light of a bad situation also. If one doesnít, then it just makes one that much more miserable. Personal experience and a lot of lessons speaking here.

My best friend gets all bent out of shape because sometimes when my kids canít find paper to draw on, they end up just drawing on themselves and just coloring themselves. I would much rather deal with my kids coloring on themselves rather than the wall. What she fails to understand, is that kids are always washable!! Often times, not walls! I also tend to be rather amused sometimes. Being that I am home with them 24/7 and the fact that I have LITERALLY only been 2 full nights, not even a total of 24 hours, away from my kids in the last 3 years. If I got mad about every single thing, I myself, and everyone else would be absolutely miserable all the time. And, heck, we survived all of this ourselves growing up!!
Body art After a good drawing session you can take them out side and hose 'em off Just another reason to have more fun