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    30,000 Lincoln's at cost

    (Hopefully this is in the correct category.)
    I've been stopping periodically (+-6 times) at my local coin shop for about 8 months looking for rolls of BU wheats. They have some but they are in a jumble since the shelf they were stored on collapsed at the beginning of the year. Lincolns are not a big money maker for them so it was not a big priority to get them organized with all the shows and bigger ticket items needing attention.
    Yesterday the owner went out of his way to locate some in the jumble ('48, '49 & '53-s, no varieties but some nice green fluorescent toners in the group). As I was shooting the bull with them I noticed some canvas and plastic bags (7?) on the floor filled with Lincoln's, but no wheats. They only search Lincoln's they get from collectors for wheats and "big" varieties. Turns out those are .... correction .... were destined to go to the bank!!!!

    Bottom line is I'm taking him up on his offer to buy them at cost. If anyone here is interested in any, PM me and they will be on their way to you for 1c each plus shipping.
    HH, Cliff

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    I moved this thread to Trading Post!!!
    (A.K.A. Elmer Fudd) Be verwy verwy quiet... I'm hunting coins!!! Good Hunting!!!

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