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    Nice follow up pics thanks... Looking thru those pics it may just be die damage or wear and not a dropped letter... The look in relief to me... Also notice just off the tips of the W are more of the same anomaly!!!
    (A.K.A. Elmer Fudd) Be verwy verwy quiet... I'm hunting coins!!! Good Hunting!!!

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    Yes Jim, I noticed the same features on top of the W on WE. It all looks raised to me, so I think the W shape is just a rare coincidence or something esle I don't know about... Let's see if others see something different.
    Thank you,

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    I agree with you guys. In the latest follow up pics you can see more of the "what looks like tops of the W" around the edge of the coin and it does appear raised. It doesn't match with a die clash so it's more than likely stain, die damage or die wear as Jim said. Thank you Adrian for helping us follow through with this!

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