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I been having some struggles matching stuff, but i'm working on it... it just takes me longer than most to adjust to new stuff lol thank yall for being patient I been marking them for what they are until I get better at matching them for which one lol
Would it be ok to download your date/MM pic??? Hopefully I can help you out??? With so many RPMs for the 60D it can be difficult at best to make a match wether a rookie or a pro... Another thing that will help speed up the search is to remember what you are looking for - Is it a D/D (D over D), D/D/D a D and D (D with a secondary D separate from the primary MM)... Then there is the North (N), South (S), East (E), West(W) and wether they are rotated or tilted or a combination of any of those... A lot to take in but hopefully that helps a bit!!!