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    A Penny for your Thoughts:

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    I would appreciate getting as many of your personal opinions as possible on this:

    I just completed my Dansco Album of Lincoln Cents from 1909-1958, all in circulation strikes. The S-VDB is EF-45, the 14-D is VG-8, the 31-S is MS-64, and the rest are OK but far from remarkable. Since I have decided (unless and until I change my mind) on specializing in Lincoln Wheats--while still collecting circulation coins in various other denominations--I am trying to define what I want to do with my Lincolns from here on out. Here are the possibilities I see, going forward--in which I would like to survey your personal preferences:

    (1) Put together a second collection--all certified--of all dates and mint-marks in something like AU-50--OR:

    (2) Limit the collection to only the key dates--again, all certified--(S-VDB, 14-D, 22 no-D, 1955 DDO,) and semi-keys (1909-S, 09-S, 09-Horizontal S, 10-S, 11-S, 12-S, 13-S, 14-S, 21-S, 22-D, 23-S, 24-D, 26-S, and 31-S), with all 18 coins to be in absolutely the highest grade I think I can afford. And forget any coin which is not key or semi-key.

    A second question is this: What would you personally prefer to own:

    (1) A collection of Lincolns, all in higher grade "red" designations, but including some with such imperfections as carbon spots or other noticeable appearance or sharpness detractions that normally do not affect grading--OR:

    (2) Putting the same money into a more varied collection of the same dates/mint marks, but consisting of various red, brown, or red/brown designations--and basically coins with just darned nice eye-appeal?

    Thanks for any input,


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    Well I guess I will go first with my own little story - or plan - that has worked for me.

    First of all, I did what you did - filled the folder except for the "big" three. I then upgraded the holder with the acquisition (they were given to me) of Capitol Plastic Boards - the first "slab" if you will. I still needed the big three when the internet and ebay came along. You got to remember that long ago, when you went to a coin shop, you could only buy what they had in inventory and that was usually not much, or at least not much in grade chioces. Next up, I decided the coins needed to look better and started to purchase high AU, low MS 63 graded coins . This worked until I hit the medium priced coins and found I was paying for lot of cleaned crap. Next up, came certified coins and the coin registry, etc. I went this route to stop buying junk and along with this began my education on grading and cleaned coins. I went for MS 63 R&B because that is what I could afford. Then MS 64 RED, and finally MS 66 from 1934 forward. Mind you I still can not afford MS 64 pre 1925 wheats with mint marks and likewise refuse to buy a MS 67 post 1934 because they cost as much as a pre 1925 in MS 64 RED. Once the slab set was done, and my education completed, I went back to MS lower graded Cents in My Capitol plastic Boards.

    So What am I saying?? Buy what you can afford after you are confident with grading. This means you will get the most coin for your dollar regardless if you collected raw or slabbed, etc. Look at the price guides and see what you can afford. And as many say, save up and buy the big three first. Frankly, I like my cap board set better than all the slabs - but thats just me. Let us know what you decide. BTW - here is a couple of my Cap boards just to get you thinking...



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    Some great advice from WS. For me personally, I would continue to upgrade my collection the best I could from circ to uncirc or like you mentioned, to maybe a certain grade (AU50/55). A second set could be started that consists of the coins you replaced. That way there, you can see how your collection has improved over time.
    Bob Piazza
    Lincoln Cent Attributer

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