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    New here. Just a question about Sacagawea missing lettering ebay auctions

    It is interesting how pricing fluctuates on the same attribution', eg MS67, from 65 to 900, on ebay, for this coin. Was just wondering.
    And at the same time, I wonder about let's say, a penny, any penny, being sold for 0.99c, free shipping, or 0.25c free shipping, and you may have to ship cross-country (where the price first class could go up to 1$ or over). I don't get it.
    Maybe they consider it marketing. I consider it loss of money.

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    It depends what TPG graded the coin and who wants it and how much they want it.

    They can send a cent or even 2 cents with a forever stamp anyplace in the US, I think so?
    At .25 they're taking a small loss.

    I've sold things that low, it was because ebay had some deal where you had to sell items, you could sell up to 5 items and they gave you something like $50. I listed 5 auctions starting at 1 cent. Common proof singles from 60s-70s and they all sold. I figured even if they sold for 1 cent I'll be happy to get the $50 from ebay. I got about $15 for the 5 coins, maybe one sold for less than postage but still in the end I got $65 for 5 coins that were worth about a buck each and I had no use for them and used 5 stamps to send them and got a few feedbacks as a seller.

    You never know what ebay offers people, they do those offers to get people to start selling.

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    Ignore those sellers listing outrageous prices. Just because some is asking doesn't mean they are selling anything.

    Go to "Advanced" search and after entering the items description scroll down & check the box next to "Sold" before hitting the search button.

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