Since there has been some discussion on this matter lately I thought a little info was in order... First up is the posting of material not your own according to copyright laws... It is legal to use others work if you properly reference the material... Here is a link to a good source at Baylor University that explains it really well... Secondly even though technically legal the LCF states otherwise -

Using Images That Are Not Your Own

The Lincoln Cent Forum respects all individuals intellectual and creative properties and we expect our membership to do the same. All Forum members should only post images on this site that they have taken themselves and are of their own coins. If you need to reference an image for comparison to your own images in any thread you start or respond to, please just post a link to that image or site from which you have seen them. In the tool bar above every message window is an easy linking tool that will generate the code you need automatically once you paste in the proper url.
Anything used here without express written permission of the author is prohibited and will be immediately taken down. This includes images and text from books, periodicals and websites. Continued postings and usage of this type of material will result in additional moderator intervention with the poster. A lot of work went into Bob and Chuck’s (, John Wexler’s, Jason Cuvelier’s (jcuve), James Wiles and Ken Potter’s (CONECA), BJ Neff’s, Billy Crawford’s, Brad Poraza’s (LCR) or any photographers images from any source, and their work should be respected. If you do not have the rights to use them, don’t. Just because it is on the internet does not mean it is free and anyone’s to use. You have to ask yourself, how you would feel if you saw someone else using your hard work without your permission.

I have asked for and received written permission to use images that I need from both Copper Coins (except for the 2019s) and Variety Vista (Dr. Wiles)... It is a matter of courtesy for their hard work... I hope this helps a bit!!!