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    Quote Originally Posted by VAB2013 View Post
    Sorry, I didn't explain that very well Ken. I have asked before about coins sliding around in slabs and I was just wondering if the one in the listing is another case of that. If the coins do move around that much in slabs, is it just typical of ANACS slabs? If so, that must really be frustrating trying to get the coin straight to take a pic.
    OK, Now where on the same page. I believe the coin In the ANACS slab has rev rotation.
    I have had slabs from all three grading companies slide around & have sent them back for new holders (paid for some & got some free).
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    Quote Originally Posted by VAB2013 View Post
    Congrats Ken! Very nice find! Hey... do the coins move around a lot in those ANACS slabs? The reverse looks rotated in this shot

    (click on "see original listing" then scroll about midway down)
    You can see minor rotation if they have it.
    TPGs don't always put them in perfectly plus coins can rotate in them.
    Sometimes the obv looks right but rev looks rotated but a closer look you'll see the obv is also off just harder to notice.
    Certain holders let coins rotate more or less. Like the really old smaller PCGs holders are called rattlers because they let the coin rattle and spin.

    You hear of folks tapping on a slab corner to correct rotation.

    If a shop puts a slab near a window the grommets turn yellow and get harder.

    At one of the Tucson coin shows it was so big they had some dealers outside. It wasn't very hot but it was sunny and after a few hours lots of slabs in their cases were ruined. The grommets sort of expanded and bubbled in different ways.

    Sometimes you'll see the modern edge view slabs with the coins cocked at an angle from how they did it or it got shifted over time.

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