Member Media Kit Downloads

We encourage all members to promote the hobby of variety, error and Lincoln cent collecting. The Lincoln Cent Forum is here to help and in the past has done outreach and coin give-a-ways at major shows such as FUN in Florida and ANA conventions.

Do you have a coin club, youth group or local event that you can go to with free information on Lincoln errors and varieties? Perhaps give a presentation or pass out free coins? Share website links or information on your own variety collecting experiences?

In the past upon request and a description of the event we have mailed out free of charge small amounts of minor rpms, lamination errors and clashes that can be given away at these club and youth events to Forum Members that expressed an interest in them.

Reasonable requests are always considered and we are always here to help you in your efforts. For more information write to and address the header as “Event Information Request”. Be sure to include your Forum ID for easier reference.

We offer members  printable PDF files that we encourage you to use. There is an 8.5″ x 5.5″ LCF flyer that can be passed out at club meetings and a 2′” x 2″ grid of printable flip inserts to use with your coins.

 Write to with your member ID and address the header as “PDF File Request”

When using these items to promote your event you are helping to promote the Forum and encouraging others to join the hobby. The Lincoln Cent Forum cannot be used to promote numismatic sales of any kind nor can any Forum materials be copied without the written consent of the owners beyond what is being offered here.