Below is a list of some of the many books and CD-ROMs available to coin collectors and the Lincoln Cent collector in particular.
Always remember ” The Coins we collect have a value, but the information we collect is invaluable!”


A Numismatography Of The Lincoln Cent,
By: E.V. Wallace,  1951

A Detailed Analysis Of Lincoln Cent Varieties 1909-2009,
By: Billy G. Crawford,  2010  ( CD-ROM )

A Guide Book To Lincoln Cents: The Redbook.
By: Q David Bowers,  2008
Lincoln Redbook


BIE Handbook,
By: Howard O Hardy, For The BIE Mint Collectors Guild, A Reference Guide For BIE Collectors

BIE Book

Coin World,
By: Amos Press Publishing,  Current Weekly Magazine / Monthly Price Guide

Collecting And Investing In United States Small Cents,
By: Thomas K. Schmieder,  1985

Complete Encyclopedia Of  U.S. And Colonial Coins,
By: Walter Breen,  1988
Breen's encyclopedia

Double “D” Cent Guide,
By: Albert Kramer,  1965

Detecting Counterfeit And Altered U.S. Coins,
By: J.P. Martin from The ANA,  1993 (CD-ROM)
counterfeit ANA CD

Error Coin Encyclopedia,
By: Arnie Margolis,  1991-1994
By: Arnie Margolis and Fred Weinberg,  2000-2004
The error Coin Encyclopedia

Grading Mint State Coins,
By: J.P. Martin from The ANA,  1992 (CD-ROM)
grading mint state coins

How Error Coins Are Made In The U.S. Mints,
By: Arnold Margolis,  1981
How Error Coins Are Made In The U.S. Mints

Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Ebook,
By: Dr. James Wiles,  2011

Lincoln Cent Rail Splitter Top 50 Doubled Die Reverse,
By: G. J. Lawson,  2012 (Pamphlet)
top 50 FY DDR

Lincoln In Numismatics,
By: Robert P. King,  1966 (great reference of Lincoln imagery on coins and medals)

Looking Through Lincoln Cents,
By: Charles D. Daughtrey,  2005

Master Hubs & Master Dies Of The Lincoln Cent 1909-2006,
By: B.J. Neff,  2006 (CD-ROM )

Major Variety & Oddity Guide,
By: F. G. Spadone,  1962
v and o

Mistrikes And Oddities In The Lincoln Cent,
By: E. G. Jewett,  1963

Matte Proof Lincoln Cents 1909-1917,
By: Leonard Albrecht,  1983

Numismatist News,
by Krause Publishing,  Current Weekly Magazine

Strike It Rich With Pocket Change,
By: Ken Potter and Brian Allen,  2006-2013

The Authoritative Reference On Lincoln Cents,
By: John Wexler and Kevin J. Flynn,  1996 and 2009
Lincoln referance

The Cherrypickers Guide: Volume One and Volume Two,
By: Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton, Volume One  2009 – Volume Two  2012
(Volume One includes Lincoln cents)
IMG_7241     IMG_7242

The Classification And Value Of Errors On The Lincoln Cent,
By: Jean Cohen,  1969

Cohen Book A

The Complete Guide To Lincoln Cents,
By: David W. Lange,  2005

The Complete Lincoln Cent Encyclopedia,
By: Shane M. Anderson,  1996
The Complete Lincoln Cent Encyclopedia

The Complete Price Guide And Cross Reference To Lincoln Cent Mint Mark Varieties,
By: Brian Allen and John Wexler,  1999

The Lincoln Cent,
By: Stephen G. Manley,  1981

The Lincoln Cent Doubled Die,
By: John Wexler,  1984

The Quick Reference To The Top Lincoln Cent Die Varieties,
By Garry Wagnon, Karen Peterson, Kevin Flynn,  1998

The Redbook: A Guide Book Of United States Coins, 
By: R.S. Yeoman and Kenneth Bressett,  1947 to current
2014 redbook

The RPM Book,
By: John Wexler and Tom Miller,  1983

The Comprehensive Guide To Lincoln Cent Repunched Mintmark Varieties,
By: John Wexler, Brian Allen, and John W. Bordner,  2002
RPM book1

The RPM Book: Second Edition, Lincoln Cents,
By: Dr. James Wiles,  1997
rpm book2

The Lincoln Cent RPM Book Update: 1997-2002,
By: Dr. James Wiles,  2003
The RPM Book Update

The Comprehensive Guide To Lincoln Memorial Cent Repunched Mint Marks variety 1959,
By: John Wexler and John W. Bordner, 2010
1959 RPM

The Standard Guide To The Lincoln Cent,
By: Sol Taylor,  1983-1992

The Works Of Victor David Brenner,
By: Glenn B. Smedley,  1983 (Coins and Medals)

Top 100 Lincoln Cent RPMs & OMMs,
By:Dr James Wiles,  2007 (CD-ROM )
coneca top 100RPM

United States Copper Coins,
By: Q. David Bowers,  1984
United States Copper Coins