User Albums

Basically your forum profile now works sorta like a mini myspace with friends list, blog, albums and some other things.

To Access your user profile you can click, “User CP” in the Navbar (Read: navigation bar it’s the long red bar with User CP, Blogs, FAQ, etc.)

Here’s a quick link to the user profile. Click Here

While in there you can access your Albums and add pictures to them or create multiple albums. Here’s a quick link to start your new album. Click Here

You can also insert the images into your posts from your albums by clicking the IMAGE icon in message editor “Square with mountains” and entering the web address of your album picture.

Add an album link in your signature:
Step 1: Click on your name in red in the up right hand corner.
Step 2: Click on the album you would like to link to. (You must set up
an album first)
Step 3: Highlight and COPY the URL of you album (example:….php?albumid=6)
Step 4: Click on “USER CP” on the top left of the screen
Step 5: Click on “Edit Signature
Step 6: Type “My LCR Album” in the signature line.
Step 7: Highlight “My LCR Album” using the mouse and click on LINK icon
(it looks like a Globe with a chain in front of it) . Then PASTE the
url of you album into the line.
Step 8: Click on Save Signature.

Your done. You should test your link.