Acronym/Abbreviation List

This acronym/abbreviation list was compiled by Will Brooks with the help of our forum members. Please refer to the forum glossary here for further definitions of terms.

1DO= Doubled Die Obverse prefix
1DR= Doubled Die Reverse prefix
1MM= Re-punched Mint Mark prefix
1OM= Over Mint Mark prefix

ACG= Accugrade (coin grading service)
ADC= Atypical Die Clash
ADO= Abraded Die Obverse
ADR= Abraded Die Reverse
AG= About Good (grading standard) See our grading guide Here.
ANA= American Numismatic Association
ANACS= American Numismatic Association Certification Service
ANS= American Numismatic Society
AT= Artificial Toning
AU= About Uncirculated (grading standard) See our grading guide Here.

BIE= Die chip between the B and E of LIBERTY that often looks like an ‘I’
Breen#= Walter Breen listing
BRPM= Breen Re-punched Mint Mark prefix
BS= Business Strike
BU= Brilliant Uncirculated
BV= Bullion Value

CAC= Certified Acceptance Corporation (Grading Service)
CAM= Cameo
CAM= Close AM(RDV-007); see also CLAM (CLAM is preferred to avoid confusion)
CC= Condition Census (Highest Grade Known)
CCL(T1)= Counter Clash Type 1 prefix
CCL(T2)= Counter Clash Type 2 prefix
CCW= Counter Clockwise
CDDO= Crawford Doubled Die Obverse prefix
CDDR= Crawford Doubled Die Reverse prefix
CDN= Coin Dealer Newsletter (The Greysheet)
CH= Choice
CLAM= Close AM (RDV-007); see also CAM (CLAM is preferred to avoid confusion)
CML= CONECA Master Listing
COMM= Crawford Over Mint Mark prefix
CONECA= Combined Organization of Numismatic Error Collectors of America
CPG= Cherrypickers’ Guide
CU= Copper
CU= Cud prefix
CUD= Major die break connected to the rim
CW= Clockwise
CWR= Customer Wrapped Roll

D= Denver Mint Mark
DC= Die Clash
DCAM= Deep Cameo
D/D= D over D (Re-punched Mint Mark)
DDD= Die Deterioration Doubling
DDO= Doubled Die Obverse
DDR= Doubled Die Reverse
DEO= Obverse Trail Die prefix
DER= Reverse Trail Die prefix
DMR= Die Marriage Registry
D/S= D over S (Over Mint Mark)

EC= Early Childhood (2009 Reverse Design Variation) Formally “Birth and Early Childhood in Kentucky
EDS= Early Die State
EF= Extremely Fine (grading standard); See also XF. See our grading guide Here.
EMDS= Early Mid Die State
EPU= E Pluribus Unum

F= Fine (grading standard) See our grading guide Here.
FDC= Floating Die Clash prefix
FG= Frank Gasparro
FMV= Fair Market Value
FR-2= Fair (grading standard) See our grading guide Here.
FS= Fivaz-Stanton Prefix (Cherrypickers’ Guide)
FUN= Florida United Numismatists
FY= Formative Years (2009 Reverse Design Variation) Formally “Formative Years in Indiana

G= Good (grading standard) See our grading guide Here.

ICG= Independent Coin Grading
IDB= Interior Die Break prefix
IGWT= In God We Trust
IMM= Inverted Mint Mark

K#= “Clock Hand Position” on a coin used to describe the pivot point for Class 5 doubled dies.
KM=Krause-Mishler prefix

LAM= Lamination Error
LCF= Lincoln Cent Forum
LCR= Lincoln Cent Resource
LD= Large Date
LDS= Late Die State
LMC= Lincoln Memorial Cent
LMDS= Late Mid Die State
LP1= 2009 Lincoln cent with “Birth and Early Childhood in Kentucky” reverse design
LP2= 2009 Lincoln cent with “Formative Years in Indiana” reverse design
LP3= 2009 Lincoln cent with “Professional Life in Illinois” reverse design
LP4= 2009 Lincoln cent with “Presidency in Washington D.C.” reverse design
LWC= Lincoln Wheat Cent

MAD= Misaligned Die
MD= Machine Doubling; See also MDD
MD#= Master Die prefix
MDC= Misaligned Die Clash prefix
MDD= Machine Damage Doubling; See also MD. (This is NOT Master Die Doubling; See MDO and MDR)
MDO= Master Die Doubling Obverse
MDR= Master Die Doubling Reverse
MDS= Mid Die State
MH#= Master Hub prefix
MLDS= Mid to Late Die State
MM= Mint Mark
MMS= Mint Mark Style prefix
MPL= Matte Proof Lincoln Cent
MS= Mint State (grading standard) See our grading guide Here.

NCADD= National Collectors Association of Die Doubling
NDCCA= National Die Chip Collectors Association
NGC= Numismatic Guaranty Corporation
NLG= Numismatic Literary Guild
NT= Natural Toning
NTC= Numistrust Corporation

OBV= Obverse
OBW= Original Bank Wrapped Roll
OC= Off-center
ODV= Obverse Design Variety prefix
OMM= Over Mint Mark; Also CONECA‘s Over Mint Mark prefix
OP= Original Poster (Forum thread originator)

PO-1= Poor  (grading standard)  See our grading guide Here.
PCGS= Professional Coin Grading Service
PCI= Photo-Certified Coin Institute
PF= Proof; see also PR
PIDT= Progressive Indirect Design Transfer
P-L= Proof-Like
PL= Professional Life (2009 Reverse Design Variation) Formally “Professional Life in Illinois
PMD= Post Mint Damage (This term is no longer preferred; See PSD)
PO-1= Poor (grading standard)
POP= Population Report
PQ= Proof Qualities
PR= Proof; see also PF
PUP= Pick-up Point
PSD= Post-strike Damage (Usage now preferred over PMD)
PVC= Polyvinyl Chloride
PY= Presidential Years (2009 Reverse Design Variation) Formally “Presidency in Washington D.C.

QDO= Quadrupled Die Obverse
QDR= Quadrupled Die Reverse

RB= Red/Brown
RCD= Retained Cud prefix
RD= Red
RDV= Reverse Design Variety prefix
RED= Re-engraved Die (CONECA)
REV= Reverse
RIDB= Retained Interior Die Break prefix
ROT= Rotated Die Strike
RPD= Re-punched Date (It is now believed that there are NO Lincoln cents with re-punched dates)
RPM= Re-punched Mint Mark; Also CONECA‘s Re-punched Mint Mark prefix
RPMP= Re-punched Mint Mark Punch

S= San Francisco Mint Mark
SD= Small Date
SD= Split Die prefix
S/D= S over D (Over Mint Mark)
SEGS= Sovereign Entities Grading Service
SMS= Special Mint Set
SP= Specimen
S/S= S over S (Re-punched Mint Mark)

TDC= Typical Die Clash
TDO= Tripled Die Obverse
TDR= Tripled Die Reverse
TDV= Transitional Design Variety
TEVEC= The Error-Variety Education Consortium
TPG= Third Party Grading Service

UCAM= Ultra Cameo
UNC= Uncirculated
URS= Universal Rarity Scale
UVC= Universal Variety Code

VDB= Victor David Brenner
VEDS= Very Early Die State
VG= Very Good (grading standard) See our grading guide Here
VF= Very Fine (grading standard) See our grading guide Here
VLDS= Very Late Die State
VP= NGC’s VarietyPlus holder designation

WAM= Wide AM(RDV-006)
WDDO= Wexler Doubled Die Obverse prefix (
WDDR= Wexler Doubled Die Reverse prefix (
WDV= Wrong Design Variety
WDMM= Wexler Displaced Mint Mark (
WOMM= Wexler Over Mint Mark prefix (
WRPM= Wexler Re-punched Mint Mark prefix (
WS= Wavy Steps
WTRD= Wexler Transitional Reverse Design prefix (

XF= Extremely Fine (grading standard); See also EF. See our grading guide Here.

YN= Young Numismatist

Zn= Zinc